About Alex Bodishbaugh

Alex Bodishbaugh is an interdisciplinary artist and curator based in Northwest Arkansas. A Fayetteville, Arkansas native, Alex received a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Arkansas thinking she would pursue campaign management. While in school, Alex began working in retail, which led her down an ecommerce, marketing and graphic design path. Alex continued in the ecommerce space for a decade, transforming a small business into a nationally recognized brand, before leaving to pursue her own art and curation career in 2021.

Alex’s curatorial projects are focused on activating unexpected venues, creating immersive experiences and forging new connections between artists and the community. In spring 2022, Alex’s first solo venture, Nostalgia, transformed an empty 7,000 square foot Banana Republic store at the NWA Mall into an experiential pop up art exhibit, featuring 27 artists, 120+ works and a variety of interactive elements. She is excited to partner with INTERFORM on a project for Summer 2023.