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About Recollection

A statement of appreciation for artwork assembled across time, space, and mediums. In a global landscape where fashion and art have become more accessible and widespread, we ask ourselves, if art is created from something pre-existing, where do we place our value? Is it the original creation or the new interpretation? Do we place value in the memory of what came first or the way that the previous work has been re-collected and newly presented? Can we appreciate one without the other?


Theatre of the Arts at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, JD Ferguson, L. Amelia Raley, Tom Hoehn

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About Zack Ridenoure

Zack Ridenoure is a Northwest Arkansas native and currently serves as INTERFORM’s Senior Director of Marketing and Programs. After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville with a degree in Human Environmental Science majoring in Apparel Studies he moved to Dallas, Texas to continue his professional career as a visual merchandiser. At the privately owned department store, Stanley Korshak he dove deeper into the fashion side of retail, assisting on multiple photoshoots and managing the backstage of numerous fashion shows. After three years in Dallas, he moved to New York City where his continued career in visual merchandising opened up even more opportunities to grow. He led store openings, styled seasonal e-commerce photoshoots, and managed backstage of fashion shows for New York Men’s Fashion Week with the men’s clothing brand Suitsupply. He then took a position with men’s luxury brand Ermenegildo Zegna as a visual merchandiser for the Northeast in wholesale and quickly moved into the retail division. Zack has now returned to his hometown after eleven years abroad with the experience and passion to help INTERFORM continue to cultivate a community of arts and fashion.