313 Meadow, Springdale, AR


About The Art of Process

Through this exhibition, entitled 'The Art of Process: Under Construction,' I am excited to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the creative process, and to provide a safe and inclusive space for visitors to engage with art and connect with their own creativity.

The exhibition will showcase works that explore the different stages of the creative process, from preliminary sketches to deconstructed pieces and site-specific installations. In addition, we will host live events, podcast recordings, and workshops, featuring artists and creatives who will share their insights into their creative journey.

Alongside the exhibition, we will also feature a retail space that highlights the work of local designers, and a weekend event series that celebrates the creative spirit and allows individuals to accept that their own process can be fun and enjoyable.

Above all, we aim to provide a safe and welcoming space where visitors can explore their own creativity, embrace their unique creative process, and celebrate the beauty of the art-making journey. We believe that the creative process is a journey, not a destination, and we hope that this exhibition and event series will inspire visitors to embrace their own creative journey with confidence and joy.


Alonso Sandoval Lopez, Andrew Mcilvaine, Craig Colorusso, Curtis Brumfield, Emily English, Rumwolf


Areona Mata, Gerrod Desselle, Liza De Jesus, Mabarin Pacheco, Ricci Clark Clothing, Sean Fresh, Sterling Smith, Tylo

Available Artwork

About Jasper Logan

From releasing socially conscious music to being a very active change leader in his community. Jasper Logan's aim to bring about change through inspiration is at the core of everything he does. His music catalog is a consistent tale of personal and social striving for better, in hopes to inspire people to do the same. His community events for black and brown communities offer resources to help people deal with issues on mental health, grief, racial trauma, and community collaboration. His clothing line Logan Levere exists to expand the ideas of creativity, cool, and everyday use. He also has partnered with various local organizations to create spaces for aspiring musicians to learn new skills, collaborate with new artists, and receive mentorship. "Everything I do is to inspire others to do something. I believe inspiration is the key to innovation and innovation is the key to change".