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21c Museum Hotel

Still, Life! Mourning Meaning Mending is on view through December 2023. Still, Life! explores how contemporary art offers solace and insight, meaning and purpose. The collective experience of time warping and wrinkling during recent periods of uncertainty and vulnerability is reflected in works that highlight and celebrate the notion of the glitch, suggesting new pathways to a future which time itself might be understood and experienced in novel ways.

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Art Ventures

Art Ventures is a non-profit charitable and educational organization dedicated to providing access to Art for Everyone.

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Fenix Arts

Generations: a LGBT+ Exhibition will be showcasing work by local queer artists, ages 19 and up. As well as displaying work from high school students and FYRE program; the after-school art class for queer youth ,12 to 18yrs, hosted by Fenix Arts during the school year. The theme Generations aims to illustrate the artist’s expression of their own queer experience; by exhibiting work from artists 12 and up, Generations hopes to give a fuller perspective of the queer journey over time. Fenix will also be organizing and promoting events and resources for the LGBTQ+ community at the reception and throughout the month of June.

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Los Alamos

Part installation/part art show, !Sofrito! celebrates Springdale’s cultural diversity in one of its most beloved neighborhood institutions, Los Alamos Market. This pop-up exhibition will feature local and visiting NWA artists who together bring art out of galleries and onto the convenience store walls for all to enjoy. Curated by Justin Favela and inspired by his experience working with his family and their mercadito, this show honors the folks that make NWA home.

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MIXD Gallery

MIXD Gallery is an emerging, accessible art space located in the Pinnacle Heights district in Rogers, Arkansas. In the heart of the Northwest Arkansas region, MIXD is a cultural estuary between Bentonville’s world-class museums and the University of Arkansas’s School of Art in Fayetteville. A contemporary space made for creative gathering and dialogue, MIXD seeks to offer an equitable opportunity in celebrating and collecting the work of artists and creative practitioners across the region.

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Shiloh Museum

118 W. Johnson Ave. Springdale, AR 72764

The Shiloh Museum's June Exhibit, Housing the Human and the Sacred: A Digital Experience of the Architecture of Fay Jones, is an interactive exhibit that features gaming technology using a touch screen, which enables the exploration of Jones’ architecture in three dimensions.

Also view Ozark Home, Beyond The Frame, a joint exhibit on view at both the Shiloh Museum and The Medium in celebration of the rich traditions of the Ozarks.

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VELESERO is the self-built studio of Mark Jackson, a contemporary American artist living and working in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mark established VELESERO in 2056 to curate the work he created in the 2020’s and 2030’s. He concepts, art directs and photographs all his work. He also designs furniture.