BEAUTY SHOP, Unmasking the Glittering Facade

120 Graham Street, Springdale, AR


About Beauty Shop

The exhibition, “Beauty Shop, Unmasking the Glittering Facade," explores the concept of beauty and its multifaceted nature in a visually captivating and immersive gallery space. This exhibition invites viewers to reflect on the role of embellishment in our lives and question the facades we create.

The theme of this exhibition is particularly relevant in 2023, as society continues to grapple with complex issues related to identity, self-expression, and societal norms. Beauty standards, in particular, have become a hot topic in recent years, with increasing pressure on individuals to conform to specific beauty ideals. The exhibition challenges these norms by presenting works that highlight the darker, messier side of life, tackling
uncomfortable conversations around topics like abortion, death, fear, imperfections, and racism.

The exhibition also features works that explore the experiences of marginalized communities, including queer individuals in the South and sex workers. Through these works, the exhibition aims to spark conversations about the challenges faced by these groups and highlight the importance of creating spaces
that are inclusive and supportive.

Overall, “Beauty Shop, Unmasking the Glittering Facade" is an exhibition that encourages viewers to look beyond the surface and question the facades we create. It is a timely and thought-provoking exploration of beauty and its role in our lives, offering a unique perspective on the complexities of identity, self-expression, and societal norms.


Alex Villar, Alexandrea Purifoy-Ratliff, Anthony Sonnenberg, Aud, Claire Pongonis, Dylan Fry, Grace Drennen, Kennedie Daniel, LaQuan Williams, Leah Grant, Macy Burr, Mark Jackson, Sarah Bunton, Stacie Dastoor

Available Artwork

About Kennedie Daniel

Kennedie Daniel is a multidisciplinary artist and curator, holding a BFA with a concentration in ceramics and sculpture from the University of Arkansas. Her practice is driven by her desire to explore and understand the world around her, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and relationships.

Her latest series, "Bedazzled Relationships," is a thought-provoking exploration of the theme of relationships and the illusion of perfection. Kennedie challenges societal expectations and the pressure to present a polished, idealized version of oneself using cheap and fake materials, such as plastic rhinestones, to emphasize the superficiality and fragility of relationships. Her work invites the audience to reflect on the depth of human connections, and she explores the possibilities of different media and techniques to create a layered and complex narrative.