THE MEDIUM, 214 Main Street, Springdale, AR


An Exhibition Divided

Sometimes passive, sometimes active. Internal and external. Predominantly personal but necessary publicly. Empathy is both feeling and doing. It allows us to relate and connect with others, understanding their struggles and perspectives. A lack of it can result in apathy, narcissism, and even cruelty. This show examines and encourages empathy for individuals & ourselves (who we are) and actions that should outflow (what we do).


Many find identity through their group dynamics like race/sexuality/religion/politics and more. Those associations can give encouragement, belonging, and purpose but sadly, can also bring division. We are pre-judged, and we judge too, lumping our friends, co-workers and family into caricatures and stereotypes based on what little is known about the collective with whom we/they spend time.

Yes, we are members of groups, but we are not that group. We all have a story. Our story. And it’s not being shared, listened to, or validated because of a dismissive culture. Individuals are complex. The idea for this show was born from my own experience. I’ve been dismissed numerous times for having differing thoughts, sadly, without a chance to explain my point of view . If you’re not part of my group, it’s not valid. You’re not valid. Have we lost the ability or even the desire to listen to others viewpoints? Can we agree to disagree? Does disagreement equal judgement? Can we look for areas of commonality? Can we seek to understand someone’s backstory and how they came to be where they are now?

Artists: Andrew Mcilvaine, Andria Morris, Anna Guyton, Cameron Fairbanks, Curtis Brumfield, Emily Mackzum, Kinya Christian, Meg Befort, Sandra Chandler, Shakeelah Rahmaan, Shelby Fleming, Shelley Mouber


With a nod to Marie Antoinette, this exhibition is a thoughtful confrontation of society’s lack of empathy using a host of connected themes like greed, over-consumption, materialism, and waste. Recognizing blind spots and taking empathetic action doesn’t mean we can’t have nice things or treat ourselves, but instead encourages self-examination. Are we content? Do we feel pressured externally?  Do my choices and actions hurt others, the environment or myself? 

In an opulent, Rococo-style created with many recycled materials, Cake will juxtapose beauty & luxury with realism with an eye to the future, challenging the viewer to consider their own perspectives and make small changes.  

Artists: Adriana Pineda, Alonso Sandoval Lopez, Briseida Ochoa, Catherine Goenner, Cory Corbett, Erin Mitchell, Justin Edwards, Maddie McClintock, Mark Jackson, Rajani Gowtham Guggilam, Rich Lovato, Shelby Fleming

Cake Available Artworks

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About Amy Terry

I have been a creative person for as long as I can remember. That creativity has woven its way into all areas of my life including business, parenting, and faith. But its greatest outlet has always been the arts, and the career born from it has ranged wide, from mural and collage to hair and makeup. My current focus is exploring a passion for assemblage and narrative. After relocating from Minneapolis several years ago, Bentonville is now home with my husband, two children and two pups. I am thrilled to be part of the inspiring NWA arts community and have found my art evolving in new and exciting ways.