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About Vivid Connections

Liminal Witnessing -  is an exploration of interconnection through the use of contemporary art mediums. I have selected a diverse range of artworks that showcase the ways color, texture, weight and light are used to create a sense of liminality. An inbetween, or patchwork reality. While liminal spaces can be filled with uncertainty and doubt, they can also prove clarity and illuminations. 

The artworks on display prompt the viewer to strip down or layer on inherent conceptual meaning and explore the interwoven narratives that emerge from viewing. At the heart of the show is a juxtaposition between lightness and density, as the artworks weave together a liminal space of contemplation. Through this interplay of Lightness and Density, the exhibition invited the viewer to ponder the ways in which we are all connected. Whether through our experiences, through our relationships, or through our own environment.


Adrianna KR, Amy Rimmer, Andria Morris, Anna Guyton, Athen Brandon, Brenna Turner, Briseida Ochoa, Canaan Farmer, Cameron Fairbanks, Craig Colorusso, Destiny Reed, Hudson Bell, Jumper Kimmons, Leah Musson, Lisa Wiemken, Maddie McClintock, Paul Siebenthal, Rumwolf, Shelby Fleming

Available Artwork

About Sarah Turner

Originally from Bentonville, Arkansas, Turner moved to upstate New York to attend the New York College of Ceramics at Alfred University. She fell in Love with the embodied nature of light and sculpture, and the relationships she could form to her own body. She continued her investigations using neon as her primary medium and graduated in May 2021 with her BFA and a minor in Dance. 

Turner is a Light and Mixed Media Artist focusing primarily in her investigations with Neon. Her work explores many themes surrounding the inner workings of the body, aspects of touch, negotiation of unseen boundaries and shared sensations. She aims to provoke a sensitivity using light as her medium of choice.